Our Sacred Water

Our water starts out as hawaiian rainwater. It is then collected and purified through our four stage filtration system (University of Hawaii approved), and then carried to our ph balancing and crystal lined ferrocement urn. Due to the volcanic activity on the is land, our rainwater tends to be more acidic in nature. This property is addressed and balanced by the alkalizing lime in our ferrocement urn.

Once the water reaches the urn, it is kept in a constant state of spiraling motion, thus keeping it alive and vital. The water is regularly tested for purity by our local Seaview water catchment expert Coco Dave.

The final and most important step comes last, which is where the water is blessed and structured. We perform weekly blessings on the water in the urn. This charges the water with positive intention, transmuting the water into a supportive and beneficial crystalline structure. For more information on the reality and importance of structured water, we recommend investigating the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.